Dinner Table thoughts from 12/10/14

With all my running around no one is surprised that I have not sat down out for dinner with my family. Tonight I decided to make that a priority, to share a meal with my family. During dinner my oldest sister who is now 7 years old have to me. Why is it when your job at Target is done, they are other work is very far away? I paused– debated a few answers, fumbled even more with the answer I gave, comparing it to having a favorite of something, and that my new job was going to be my favorite.

But the real answer was something I couldn’t say at that table. That I believe God prepares moments for us before we are even born. I couldn’t just say, that I think this moment is part of my destiny. I couldn’t say that they are young women hurt so deeply that they believe that death is their only option and that I get to play a part in making sure they -truly- get to know God’s Grace and witness a beautiful, deep transformation. What I’m doing is concrete. What I’m doing is work for the Kingdom. I couldn’t tell her that is kind of what I always wanted and what I believe we are all designed for.

My family responded with that I made a choice. And I guess that’s true. I made the choice years ago…. not to move for a job, but to follow God with all I got and a lot of times that choice is an adventure.


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