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The How

I have a ceremony tonight where I was asked to do the invocation. I know what you are thinking… like me you googled it right? No? You already knew that word– I didn’t. At first I thought it was a speech-but as you already knew it is an opening prayer. I assume some of those … Continue reading

Searching For Relief

Today it only took one phone call and a couple of follow-up text messages to be reminded what I was saved from. They say pain runs through a family until someone’s ready to feel it. I swear it’s in my veins to drown out pain with substances. With each inconvenience and sad event I feel … Continue reading

Life is Still Ours.

My 28th year was a literal dream come true. I was in procession of every feeling I had ever wanted: Belonging, Love, Adventure and Success (Let’s not forget sunshine year round). My 29th year when I had to match my actions to those beautiful words I found myself stumbling over old road blocks I thought … Continue reading

Changed For Good

Can I just get ridiculously sentimental right now? Since it’s my birthday week I’m going to indulge myself in a crazy long Instagram post. It’s not unusual for me to get catchy songs stuck in my head for weeks at a time. After all I am a Taylor Swift fan. This week, I’ve been singing … Continue reading