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All Too Well

[[Written Minutes After Seeing LaLa Land, play the soundtrack for full effect]] I guess the age old question stands, is it better to loved and lost or to have never loved at all. Words I’ve been trying not to write recently have all started with this. It’s not a popular topic when you write about … Continue reading

Rejection, at it’s best.

It is fair to say I may never be the person who creates a product or fashions a new idea that propels new living for the masses. As I sit in the heart of Silicon Valley, possibly surrounded by the most intelligent technology minds this side of heaven- I have a simple goal: To make … Continue reading

Stay Strong, Kid.

For the sake of not being able to tell details, I walked a young women out to her car today who was heading for the airport– most likely to never step foot in California again. I kept thinking I should say something.. I should say some-thing… but the only thing on my lips was “Stay Strong, Kid” … Continue reading